Tripura’s First Female DJ

Rislyn Debbarma was born in a little place called Teliamura of Tripura. Her family had moved to Udaipur when she was still quite young but they eventually returned and settled in Agartala. Her childhood comprised of both happy and sad memories, the most impactful moment was losing her brother at a very tender age. But she pulled herself together and powered through, she even managed to make a career in a field dominated by men in India. Not only is one of the most successful DJ’s in Bangalore, she is also the first female DJ from Tripura. We trace her journey from a small town girl to a successful DJ.

How did your musical journey start?

I have loved music a lot since my childhood. When I was about 9 years old, I forced my parents to sign me up in a music school, but due to some circumstances, I had to discontinue within a year of training. But the passion was always there.

How did you get interested in DJing?

DJing is all about music, beats, mixing and as I was interested in music, it attracted me. I was always fascinated and interested in how a DJ played his or her music.

How did your family react when you chose to be a DJ?

I actually did not tell my parents about joining a DJ institute until I became one, as I was worried about their reaction. After my graduation, I worked in MNC and managed to save some money to get into an institute (Audio Life School of sound engineering) for Disc Jockey. After a few gigs, I was interviewed by a magazine and that’s only when I called my mom and dad to inform them that I have become the first female DJ from Tripura. Surprisingly, my parents were cool about it. I felt so happy that they didn’t react the way I was assuming.

When was your first professional show?

My first professional show was held on 18th April 2014, I still remember it was Good Friday and that event was organised by Fun-Key Events. I am very thankful to Fun-Key Events for believing in me and my ability. I also remember the words they used to introduce me as DJ Rislyn for the first time ever. It was a very special feeling.

Are you into remixing or music production?

For now, I am just into remixing but very soon I will try my hand in music production.

How hard it is for a girl to choose a career which is dominated by males?

Nothing is impossible. If there is a will, there is a way! And it is very true. Of course there were people who tried to pull me back saying that this is a guy’s job and that I won’t make it. But I just ignored them and kept doing what I love to do because I believe in myself. After all, I know myself more than they know me.

Any piece of advice you would like to share with young girls who want to try DJing?

Don’t let anything stop you from what you love and what you want to do in life; for when you do what you love, you will be able to do it with all your heart. Go live your dreams!

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